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In this page you can check the airlines, the estimated time of the main flights connecting the world to Amazonia, and the most important, to be aware of how simple it is to reach Paradise.

Regardless of where your starting point may be, there are flight connecting you to the starting point of our tours, Manaus City. Manaus is connected with daily and direct flights to Miami, with American Airlines and TAM. Connected to the Caribbean and several South American countries with flights operated by Copa Airlines via Panama. There are flights from Europe, Africa, Arab countries and Asia to Brazil, landing in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Fortaleza and Belém connected to Manaus on a daily basis. It is important to observe that the flight time from Guarulhos International Airport in Sáo Paulo to Manaus, which is 3h30min, is very similar to the flight time from Fortaleza to Manaus. There are also flights to other Amazonia destinations departing from Manaus, not only Amazonas State inner cities but to Countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and others.