Gastronomy Regional Amazônica 2018-03-13T17:57:19+00:00


Experience what is most pleasing in this land the typical food, based on fish, with the unique use of cassava, in their flours, or even associated with dishes as famous as delicious. Delicates designed by divine hands. Recipes from generations to generations, which have gained sophistication and mainly a refinement in the use of condiments, herbs, spices, seeds, peppers, unique on the planet. Who knows the “puxuri“, the “tucupi“, “jambu“, the first a seed, another a derivative of the cassava, in fact the juice of the cassava and the last a typical herb of the region, which has as characteristic the sensation of anesthesia from the mouth.

Cooked in caldeiradas, fried, marinated, breaded, moquecas, stuffed … the fish do the honors of the house, are approximately 5 thousand species that populate the Amazonian rivers, the most diverse continental ichthyofauna of the world. A delight.

Another precious thing of the Amazon diversity is its fruits served in sweets, cocktails, filled bonbons and juices. Cupuaçu“, “Graviola“, “Açai“, “Taperebá“, “Guaraná“, “Mucuri“, “Buriti“, “Bacuri” and many others that make of the region a pleasant tasting experience.