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Sports Fishing is one of the strong tourism segments in Amazonas, which catches the attention of American and Brazilian tourists from the Southeast and South of the country. The season can last all year, because there are regions in the Amazon where the rivers and lakes offer this sport 365 days, while in others the season starts in September and ends in December. You’re right in the picture. because in the Amazonian rivers there is a great variety of fish: Tambaqui, Surubim, Pirarucu, Tucunaré, Aruanã, Matrinchã, Pacu, Piramutaba, Cachara, Cachorra, Pirara, Piranha, Bicuda, Traíra, Jaraqui, Acara, Piratinga, Sardine and many others. The sport fishing is really a pleasure, a meeting of friends, a time to leave the day to day to get acquainted with nature. Knowing rivers and lakes and catching the Tucunaré, the fish at the top of the food chain, the king of rivers is the trophy of the brave. Not to the money that pays the emotion of taking a quarrel of this water. Live the reality, spend warm nights to the sound of the forest, rise at sunrise and enjoy the primitive and intact forest. Structure and safety make the sport fishing in the Amazon the trip to be kept with very particularity in your best memories of life.



Option 01: Opera House Package – transfer Manaus to Pousada Acari by speedboat and exclusive.

Option 02: Direct chartered flight to Novo Aripuanã when arriving in Manaus, or overnight for the next day to fly from line (06) passengers to Novo Aripuanã.


1st. DAY: FUN TOUR: Arrival in Manaus – Transfer Airport / Hotel. At 7:30 pm, departure to Manaus By Night (including dinner, welcome drink at the bar or chosen ballad) * Will be offered according to the arrival of the flight. Note: Transfer time to the hotel at 0h. In case the client’s option is to remain in the environment (bar or restaurant), the transfer will be by his own.

2º. DAY: HISTORICAL TOUR:  Breakfast at 8:00 am, departure, tour of Historic Center of Manaus, including visit to the Municipal Market (stop including a snack), visit to the Port of Manaus, Manaus Cathedral / Paço da Liberdade Museum / Amazon Institute / Palace of Justice, finishing at the Teatro Amazonas. Stop for Lunch (included) – from 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. Afternoon, from 2 pm, visit to the Palacete Provincial, Government Palace (Av. September 7), Educandos Bridge, ending at Praia da Ponta negra, contemplating the Por do Sol, then return to the hotel.

3º. DAY: SCIENTIFIC TOUR: Breakfast at 07:30, departure, visit to the Amazon Museum – MUSA, Forest of Science – INPA. Stop for lunch at Canto da Peixada (included) – from 12:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Afternoon, from 2:30 p.m., Visit to the CIGS Zoo (Brazilian Army) and visit the Amiri Uatruari Sustainable Crafts shop.


4th. DAY (Monday): Option 01: Floating port of Manaus at 6:00 am – embarkation by boat to the city of Novo Aripuanã. Arrival at 16h. From Novo Aripuanã, transfer to hostel, arrival expected at 7:00 pm, preparation of fishing equipment and knowledge of guides. Dinner and free night.

5th. to 9th. DAY (Tuesday to Saturday): 05 days dedicated to fishing. In this, last day, the afternoon, transfer to city of New Aripuanã, Overnight.

10th DAY:

Option 01: Porto de Novo Aripuanã at 8:00 am – boarding in an executive boat for Manaus. Arrival expected at 17h30.

Option 02: New Aripuanã chartered flight to Manaus. Transfer to Manaus Airport and departure to the city of origin.

* The flight to the city of origin, should be marked from 9pm, to avoid delays if any, or to the following day according to the flight schedule. End of our services.

* Airline option on charter flights, airplanes for 06 and 10 seats.

Hospedagem 03 noites em Manaus
Hotel Caesar Business +  Pousada Acari
Hospedagem 03 noites em Manaus
Villa Amazônica + Pousada Acari
 Base 1 pax – U$ 8.650  Base 1 pax – U$ 9.450
 Base 2 pax’s – U$ 5.995  Base 2 pax’s – U$ 6.375
 Base 3 pax’s – U$ 5.305  Base 3 pax’s – U$ 5.435
 Base 4 pax’s – U$ 4.680  Base 4 pax’s – U$ 5.065
 Base 5 pax’s – U$4.420  Base 5 pax’s – U$ 4.790
 Base 6 pax’s – U$ 4.310  Base 6 pax’s – U$ 4.610
 Base 7 or more pax’s (Consult)  Base 7 or more pax’s (Consult)
* Reference prices in dollars, converted into reais at the date of purchase. Subject to availability of vacancies.