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Cultural manifestation and ability of riverine and indigenous people. Where the use of abundant resources like wood, pottery, seeds, foliage, even animals with their feathers, scales and bones found in the forest. He brought from ancient times the production of basketry, body ornament, construction of artifacts for the use of the life of these communities and more recently with a source of resources in the sale of these popular art products.

The pottery, typically indigenous, helped in the kitchen, where it gained shapes, designs and colors. Techniques passed from parents to children. The clay came to life as part of the day-to-day of the villages, with the acculturation of the Indians, the caboclo riverine brought the clay utensils to his house also, gaining varied forms, used as ornamentation. The fibers, seeds followed for garments and accessories, as well as decorative items always inspired by the architecture of the forest.

Nowadays, the craftsmen sell their pieces with effective use of noble raw materials, dyeings made with paints produced with natural dyes, added to the talent of the Indians who taught the final techniques and formats of the beauty of the works.

Wood also composes this world with modern decorative objects and art products created by recycling the natural decomposition of trees, seeds and strips of vines picked from the forest. Marquetry is the ultimate expression of contemporary craftsmanship, in furniture, imitations of animals and fish composes the artistic manifestation of the Amazonian artisan.