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The incoming tour operator of Amazonia has the purpose of receiving you in the heart of the largest tropical rainforest of the globe. And this fantasy starts once you come thru the official gates of Amazonia which is the International Airport of Manaus City, Amazonas State.

Comprising excellent tourism professionals with experience and knowledge of the best and safest hotels in the city, jungle hotels, excursions, tours, visits to typical places and indigenous tribes, cruises in the Great Amazon River, sport fishing and all logistical support for visitors, Amazonia Paradise works as hub of Amazonia products in order to give you the best experience of this magical place in the north of Brazil.

We seek to compose in our portfolio standard 5 stars packages. We take ecotourism seriously, minimizing our footprints. When to contemplate is to interact with the ecosystem and to be part of it.

Your trip to our land will be wonderful and particularly enjoyable. Discover all the charms of the Amazon rainforest, stepping on the jungle floor, drinking water liana (pure water extracted from a particular branch), savoring its gastronomy based on local fish and spices, feel the jungle`s breeze on the skin while navigating a canoe or a luxurious cruise. Appreciate the immensity of its rivers observing their animals and living the one, pure and untouchable Amazon Rain Forest.